Building Codes Mean Safety!

In the last year there have been several unfortunate building accidents in the US that have made national headlines and put a renewed importance on protecting life and safety through building codes.  The Town of Cheraw helps protect life and property through the enforcement of building codes, as required by State law - and there are several things you can do to help protect yourself and your property from unsafe work.
  • Understand when a building permit is required - A building permit is required in the Town whenever a job exceeds $500.  This includes installation of sheds, new roofs, plumbing work, HVAC work, and interior remodeling.  A contractor should always obtain a building permit and it allows the Town to inspect work to make sure it was done properly.
  • Contractors in South Carolina must have a license issued by the state.  You can check and see if a contractor has a license online by going to  This allows you to make sure your contractor can do the job.
  • If you live in the Historic District, proposed exterior changes must be approved by the Cheraw Board of Architectural Review prior to taking place.  This is to help preserve Cheraw's historic character, protect residential property values, and prevent costly mistakes.  You can learn more about historic preservation in Cheraw by going to our website. 

If you are ever unsure of building permit or contractor requirements, please call Town Hall at 843-537-7283 or check out our more detailed Building Permit FAQ online.
A facsimile of the first building permit ordinance in 1912
Image: Building Permits were first required in the Town of Cheraw in 1912.