Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officers provide inspection of all construction work performed in town and verify that contractors have the appropriate licenses. They are also involved in code complaints which can range from overgrown lots, abandoned vehicles, dilapidated housing, and inappropriate signage.

Permits are issued through the Codes Enforcement Office and the Clerk's Office for all new construction and for repairs and renovations. You may download an application below or pick up one from our Town Hall. Once the application is complete, please hand deliver it to Cheraw's Town Hall, 200 Market St., Cheraw, SC, during business hours. M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm

Building PermitsBuilding permits provide applicants with the legal authority to complete construction work. They are in place to help the government ensure that a structure is legal, safe, and meets code. Building permits help certify that fire hazards, structural failures, and harmful errors are avoided.

In addition to building permits, there are several sub-trade permits that builders must receive prior to performing any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work.

A mechanical permit is required prior to conducting any mechanical work such as heating, duct-work, or cooling. For example, a restaurant will usually need to install a grease exhaust hood in the kitchen area to remove excess heat from the stove. To proceed with installing the exhaust hood, the builder will need to obtain a mechanical permit.

An electrical permit encompasses any electrical work on a building or structure such as installing electrical wiring, transformers, or lighting. For example, a new retail store looking to install a lighting system will need to receive an electric permit.

A plumbing permit usually pertains to bathroom or kitchen piping such as sinks, toilets, drains, or back-flow devices. For example, a business upgrading their piping systems will need to obtain a plumbing permit.

Change of Use Permit

A change of use permit is required for a variety of situations. Changing the use of a building or facility may involve an extensive remodel or may require no physical changes at all; however, a city's Building Code requires that any time there is a proposed change in the use of a building or space, a permit must be obtained. The change of use permit is intended to verify compliance with the applicable codes for a new use and provide a Certificate of Occupancy for new businesses or uses where there is no significant work that would otherwise require a building permit.

 All permits can be found by clicking here.
For assistance or questionsCall the Code Enforcement Office at (843) 537-8403.