Commercial Licenses & Permits

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License are issued for anyone operating a business inside the Town of Cheraw and are available through the Town Clerk's Office at (843) 537-8400. Any person that may be soliciting at your residence or who may wish to provide a service for a fee should be properly licensed by the Town.

A Change of Use Application must be filed if your business will utilize the same space as a previous business.  For instance, if you move a restuarant into a former retail space, you will need to fill out a Change of Use Application.  This is to ensure that your building will meet the code requirements of your new business.

If you have any questions about whether a company is licensed to operate in the Town of Cheraw call the Town Clerk's office at (843) 537-8400.

Commercial Building Permits

Permits are required for any work on commercial buildings.  Commercial work must be done by a licensed South Carolina Contractor with a valid Town of Cheraw Business License.  

Sign Permits

If your business is going to have a sign then you will need to complete a sign permit application.  These can be found in the document center below.

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Commercial Licenses and Permits12 documents

  • Authorization Letter
    document Header Authorization Letter
    A signed authorization letter is required when a contractor is doing work on behalf of a property owner
  • Board of Architectural Review Application
    document Header Board of Architectural Review Application
    Exterior changes to buildings in the historic district require approval from the Cheraw Board of Architectural Review
  • Building Permit
    document Header Building Permit
    A building permit is required whenever you build, renovate, or alter your property.
  • Change of Use Application
    document Header Change of Use Application
    A change of use application is required when a new business will change the use of an existing building
  • Electrical Permit Application
    document Header Electrical Permit Application
    An electrical permit application is required before any electrical work is done
  • Fence Permit Application
    document Header Fence Permit Application
    A fence permit application is required before any fence is erected in the Town of Cheraw
  • Mechanical Permit Application
    document Header Mechanical Permit Application
    A mechanical permit is required before working on any mechanical systems
  • Mobile Food Vendor Permit
    document Header Mobile Food Vendor Permit
    The application for a permit to be a mobile food vendor in the Town of Cheraw
  • Plumbing Permit Application
    document Header Plumbing Permit Application
    A plumbing permit is required when plumbing work is being done on your property.
  • Renewable Energy Systems Permit
    document Header Renewable Energy Systems Permit
    The permit for a renewable energy system.
  • Sign Permit Application
    document Header Sign Permit Application
    A sign permit application is required before any signage is installed in the Town of Cheraw.
  • Water/Sewer Connection Application
    document Header Water/Sewer Connection Application
    This application is to connect to the Town's water and/or sewer system