Fire Services

The Cheraw Fire Department is a combination paid volunteer department located in eastern Chesterfield County, South Carolina. We have an ISO Class 3. The department is responsible for providing fire protection for the Town of Cheraw and the rural area out side the town limits. We do this with a total of 10 fulltime personnel. We have 9 on a 24/48-shift rotation and the Chief who works Mon-Fri. We depend heavily on our 19 on-call personnel to complete the department.

Daily responsibilities for the full-time staff included general cleaning around the station, cleaning and checking the equipment on the 9 trucks at the station, two equipment trailers, and "other duties as needed". We also have an active Fire Prevention Program with station tours along with visits to school, civic clubs, and churches in the community. There are four full-time personnel that are fire/arson investigators that determine the cause and origin of fire. Four of our personnel are also certified State Fire Marshals that conduct inspection and pre-planning of local business and industry.

Our Mission StatementTo establish and maintain protection to the general public from both natural and man-made emergencies, through establishing and maintaining properly trained and equipped personnel that will allow for the safe, effective response and mitigation of emergency incidents.

For assistance12 Chesterfield Hwy, Cheraw, SC 29520
Fire Station Office (843) 537-5941

PersonnelFulltime Personnel

Chief Marvin Murray
Capt./FFII Wayne Quick
Lt./FFII Bryan Harper
Lt./FFII Philip Dickson
Eng./FFII Kyle Brower
Eng./FFII Daniel Rivers
Eng./FFII Eric Taylor
Eng./FFII Tommy Brock
Eng./FFII Jordan Brady
Eng./FF Spencer Sellers

On Call Personnel

Capt/FFII Scott Caraway
Lt./FFII Bruce Kimery
Lt./FFII Bryan Edwards
FFII Roy Allison
FF Tommy Brower
FF Carl Compton
FFI Ron Freeman
FFII Joshua Hatchell
FF Tommy Johnson
FFII John L. Melton III
FFII Christopher Murray
FFII David Russell
FFII Chris Smith
FFI Spencer Sellers
FFI Brad Treadaway
FFII Albert "Bo" Wallace
Jr FF Chase Dean
Jr FF Kyle Kirkley
Jr FF Ethan Quick
Chaplin Donnie Chapman

FFII = NFPA Firefighter II
FFI = NFPA Firefighter I
FF = 1131 or 1152
PF = Probationary Fireman
Jr FF = Junior Firefighter

Red FlagIn extreme drought conditions, the State Forestry Commission will issue a statewide burning ban. There have been a lot of questions concerning the difference between a Red Flag Alert and a Burning Ban. A Red Flag Alert is not a ban; the alert is used to notify the public that extreme fire conditions exist and burning should be delayed until the alert is lifted. A Burning Ban is a restriction on ALL outdoor burning.

The Cheraw Fire Department will place a red flag on the Fire Department sign to help notify the public when there is a Red Flag Alert. The Cheraw Fire Chief must approve all outdoors burning in the town limits. Approval will be granted based on conditions, location and other factors. Permission must be received from the fire department prior to burning or you will be asked to extinguish the fire and may be charged a fine.

When the state issues a complete burning ban, the Fire Department will place a black flag in place of the red flag to signify the complete ban.

The SC State Forestry has changed their method for issuing permits. To burn routine yard debris you should call 1-800-986-3596. A permit number will no longer be issued for routine yard debris, however you must notify the Forestry service anytime you plan to burn outdoors. The automated service will record your name, address, burn location, and time you plan to burn. We check for verification using this service to determine if you have notified the SC State Forestry appropriately. To burn larger debris such as clearing property you must contact the SC State Forestry at 1-800-777-FIRE. At this time you will be given a Burn Permit number.

At all times, persons burning outdoors must be aware that any damage caused from their fire, intentional or not, can be held accountable for any damages.

Fire PreventionWe look forward to going to schools each year to talk about fire prevention. We also love for children and adults to come by the station and give us a visit. We have two "friends" that help us with fire prevention: a Robotronics "Pluggie the Fireplug" robot and a "Big Dalmatian Dog".

Inspection SectionWe have five State Certified Resident Fire Marshals. Captain Wayne Quick conducts inspections and preplans of local businesses & industry in the town limits. If you need more information about our inspections procedures or any other questions about the Inspection Section of the Cheraw Fire Department, please contact Captain Quick at (843)537-5941 or
Training Section

The Training Section consist of Captain Murray who is a Fire Instructor II along with Lt. Sylvia, Eng. Rivers, Eng. Harper, and Eng. Brower who are all Fire Instructor I. The department conducts training meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday nights of each month. We encourage personnel to attend as much outside the department training as possible.