Population & Area Statistics





Area Population
15 mile radius:   57,194

Midlands Climate
Average Lows Highs
Winter: 34F 58F
Spring: 63F 76F
Summer: 80F 91F
Fall: 64F 76F
Outdoor activities are pleasant on most days in any season, but there are winter days when you will need a coat and hot summer days when you will want air-conditioning. Almost everything is air-conditioned. We get very excited on the rare occasions that we have snow. First frost is usually the last of October, last frost the end of March.

Average Temperature

Annual: 60.0F
January: 40.5F
July: 78.5F
  Mean Temperature

High: 70.5F
Low: 49.4F
  Average Humidity

1 a.m. - 76.0F
1 p.m. - 54.0F
7 p.m. - 83.0F
7 a.m. - 61.0F

Mean Yearly Precipitation:   43.2 in.
Heating Degree Days:   3,342
Cooling Degree Days:   1,546
Earliest Freeze Day:   10/22
Last Freeze Day:   04/06

Labor Force
1997 Estimated  
Labor force within a 30-mile radius:   105,389
Labor Force By Sex:   M: 54,885 F: 50,504
Labor Force % of Population:   46.6%
Number in Labor Force Unemployed:   8,835
Percent of Labor Force Unemployed:   8.4%

Region:   Northeast
County:   Chesterfield
County Seat:   Chesterfield
Nearest Major Airport:   Florence

Miles To
Charlotte:   74 miles
Columbia:    85 miles
New York:   609 miles
Atlanta:   275 miles