Planning Department

The Cheraw Planning Department's mission is to build working relationships and guide growth and development in a manner consistent with Cheraw’s goals and objectives.  Public participation through various community groups is crucial to planning our future here in Cheraw.  The visions gathered by this participation are assembled in the Cheraw Comprehensive Plan.

The comprehensive plan is a product of planning. It is a ten-year approach for municipal and county governments mandated by the State. The plan is updated every 10 years and re-evaluated every 5 years. Policies, goals, spending, and vision are gathered from the public participation process, Town Council, staff, and studies.  The comprehensive plan also is the basis for allocation sources and future projects. You may download the Comprehensive Plan in the document center below.

Planning’s role is to:
  • Work cooperatively with Council and departmental staff to establish and meet goals and objectives. 
  • Coordinate the 5-year revision and 10-year update of the comprehensive plan. 
  • Ensure zoning compliance. 
  • Work cooperatively with the Planning Commission, Board of Architectural Review, and Board of Zoning Appeal. 
  • Assist residents, developers/builders, the business community, and others in navigating through the Town development standards and procedures for project development. 
  • Review and approve site/plot plans and plat.
  • Develop and amend ordinances.
  • Review subdivision plans. The Planning Commission approves the final subdivision plat.  
  • Make as needed updates to the Official Zoning Map

Planning and Zoning work together to promote a shared vision of the Town's future.  To learn about Zoning and it's role please click here.

Consult Cheraw's Planning Department before:

  • demolishing a building
  • constructing or installing any new residential, commercial, or industrial structure (i.e. house, garage, shed)
  • adding to an existing building (additions)
  • moving a building/structure
  • altering the exterior structure
  • installing or changing fencing
  • changing landscaping or constructing new drives or walkways
  • installing, constructing, or replacing signage.
  • changing use (transition from residential to commercial, industrial to commercial, or vice versa
  • finalizing subdivision plats and site/plot plans

In the historic district all the above are applicable including any exterior changes or improvements (change in paint colors, windows, and roof shingles, and etc.)

Planning on developing a new piece of property?

To ensure safety and compliance with the Cheraw Zoning Ordinance, the Town has created a site development checklist to help you submit a complete plan for approval.  You may download a development checklist from the document center below.  Please contact Rob Wolfe at Town Hall, 843-537-7283 or if you have any questions.

Site and Plot Plans

Any new construction, additions, or improvements require a site/plot plan. This includes accessory structures (i.e. fencing, garages, shed, solar panels, etc.). Site plans must be completed by a registered land surveyor, landscape architect, or licensed engineer. A list of land surveyors can be found in the document center below.  Small projects like detached sheds, fences, landscaping, free-standing signage, and other accessory stuctures can be accomplished by a plot plan. Plot plans can be developed yourself using a ruler and a plat or survey of your property.   If you or your contractor develops the plot plan, it must be to scale using an ruler. You can learn how to draw your own plot plan by clicking here.

Plats and Subdivision PlanNo land subdivision plat or land development plan within the Town of Cheraw shall be filed or recorded with the county's Clerk of Court until such plat has been reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission or its designee with its affixed stamp. The filing or recording of any subdivision plat or plan without approval, per SC Code § 6-29-1140, is a misdemeanor. All plats shall conform to the "Standards of Practice Manual for Surveying in South Carolina," under the most recent State Code of Regulations. Additionally, properties combined must be reviewed and stamped by the Planning Commission. Prior to finalizing any plat or subdivision plan, deliver or email a draft of the plan for review.  Subdivisions and combinations must be consistent with the Town of Cheraw's Zoning Ordinance.

Please contact Rob Wolfe at Town Hall, 843-537-7283 or with any questions.


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  • 2016 - 2026 Comprehensive Plan
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  • Board of Architectural Review Application
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  • Historic District Map
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  • List of Land Surveyors
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  • Sign Permit Application
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    This application is required for any signage that is going to be put up in the Town of Cheraw
  • Site Development Checklist
    document Header Site Development Checklist
    This checklist will help you prepare all the necessary information for the development of your project