Cheraw Gateway Sees Improvements

Through a unified effort between the Town of Cheraw and SC Central Railroad, one of the town's gateways is undergoing a transformation.

Mayor Andy Ingram said that he, along with District #4 Council Representative Jacqueline Ellerbe Shannon, Town Administrator Mike Smith, and Parks & Grounds Director Scott Laney, met with railroad officials, and as a result of the meeting, SC Central Railroad was "very receptive" in removing overgrown vegetation along ACL Avenue.

"Scott Laney is now working with railroad representatives, and once some additional tracks are removed and grading is completed, our Parks & Grounds team will begin working to maintain this area," said Mayor Ingram.

In addition to the positive changes along ACL Avenue, Mayor Ingram said he is also excited about other changes to this neighborhood including the recent announcement from Ironwood Farms that establishes their new business at the old Pyramid property.

The Town is also pursuing other collaborative efforts with various entities to improve this area. Mayor Ingram said, "We have been in contact with the owner of Cheraw Sash & Door as well as the CSX officials regarding the old depot on Second Street. As a major gateway into Cheraw, it is important that this area projects a positive image to our visitors."