Mosquito Patrol

In an attempt to control the mosquito population, the Town of Cheraw Public Works Department has launched their Mosquito Patrol this summer, spraying two times or more per week. 

According to Public Works Director Donna Byrd, there are several variables that need to be in place prior to spraying.  These include: wind cannot be more than 5 mph; spraying cannot be done after rainfall due to residue runoff killing aquatic life; and the temperature must be below 85 degrees. Byrd also stated if the humidity is too high, the chemical will fall to the ground, and the chemical will be ineffective.

Byrd said the best times to spray are between 4:00-7:00 AM, and that is the typical time she sprays the odorless chemical within the town’s various neighborhoods.

In addition to spraying, Town Administrator Mike Smith said the town is looking at other ways to control these pests.

Byrd urges local residents to be aware of anything holding stagnant water including old tires, unwashed birdbaths, clogged rain gutters and plastic kiddie pools.

“Once the water becomes still, the mosquito will readily lay her eggs and will use any receptacle that is found on your property, ” Byrd said.  “Any standing water should be discarded.”
For more information, contact Ms. Byrd at 537-8430 or email her at dbyrd@cheraw.