The Cheraw LyceumCheraw Town Green, Market Street

The Lyceum was built as a chancery court for the Old Cheraws Judicial District around 1820. After the equity court moved to the Market Hall across the street in 1837, the building was used by the gentlemen of the Lyceum as a meeting place and library. (Lyceum, meaning a place for learning, comes from the Greek. The Lyceum Movement was part of a national interest in adult learning in the mid 19th century.) It also housed Cheraw's first telegraph, the Confederate and Union quartermaster's office and the Federal occupation headquarters. In the 20th century it was home to a private library. It now houses a small museum depicting Cheraw's history. Free

The Lyceum can be visited by picking up the keys at the Cheraw Chamber of Commerce or by appointment by contacting the Cheraw Visitors Bureau (843) 537-8425.

Old St. David's ChurchChurch Street

Old St. David's Church was the last Anglican or "state" church built in South Carolina under King George III. The church was used by both the Americans and the British during the Revolution and later by both the Confederate and Union armies. There are soldiers from every American War through Vietnam buried in the cemetery. The steeple and vestibule were added in 1826. The church was restored in 1975 and may be reserved for weddings and other special events. Old St. David's Church can be visited by picking up the keys at the Cheraw Chamber of Commerce or by appointment by contacting  the Cheraw Visitors Bureau (843) 537-8425. 

Ingrams River Artifacts Room204 Market Street

Hobby diver Miller Ingram has an attractive display of artifacts from the Great Pee Dee River which include Civil War military ordnance and artifacts from the steamboat era. Enter through his law office door on weekdays and tell the secretary you'd like to see his museum room. Free

Burr Art Gallery

Powe and Second Streets

Changing exhibits feature local artists and traveling shows. Located in the Cheraw Community Center and open during business hours and for special events. Free (843) 537-8420

The Southern African American Heritage Center125 Kershaw Street

Dedicated to collecting, documenting and preserving the contributions of African Americans from Chesterfield County. Visitors will find
documents and artifacts on display that offer insight into local history and culture for African Americans from the 1800's to the mid 1900's.
Admission charged Heritage Walking tours, gift shop and group services are available. Hours: Tuesday 1-4PM / Thursday 1-4PM and by
appointment. (843) 921-9989. Visit for current programs.