Arts for the Earth: Community Art Project

It was an interesting time to try and launch a participatory art exhibit in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Not only were stores closed but at the time we were under a “work or home” order, meaning we could not encourage anyone to go outside.
In a stroke of luck, Earth Day coincided with the timing of our art competition, and the idea of Arts for the Earth: A Community Art Project was born.  The idea was that we all have lots of stuff around our homes, maybe some of it could be repurposed into a piece of art?  Recycling, Upcycling, Art, and Stay at Home, it all worked perfectly.  We had excellent participation in the categories of Visual Arts and Performing Arts.  Participants in both categories were randomly drawn for prizes.
We can’t wait to have the program again next year but for now, enjoy the creativity of our local residents in adverse conditions!

Our Performing Arts Winner was local musician Kris Houser, whose rendition of "Happy Earth Day to You" can be seen below along with all of the local artists!
a piece of art made from a TV celebrating earth day
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paper lanterns on a front lawn with the arts commisison banner promoting arts
golf balls arranged to say happy earth day
Three scarecrows placed against a fence as an art piece.
A home made doll house made for an art contest.
a door with the words a fun day ahead painted on.
A paper lantern hanging on a porch.