Town of Cheraw Receives Grant from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History

It is exciting to announce that the South Carolina Department of Archives of History has awarded a grant to the Town of Cheraw to nominate the Coulter Memorial Academy Complex to the National Register of Historic Places.

Receiving this grant is the first step to getting the Coulter Academy Complex on the National Register of Historic Places.  Once complete, the nomination will be reviewed by the National Park Service for a final determination on its historic status.

If the nomination is accepted, it will create a new historic district in the Town of Cheraw, and property owners will have access to historic preservation grant funding. The nomination process will also produce a more complete history of the Coulter Academy.

The Coulter Academy opened in 1881 as a boarding school and Junior College for African Americans in Chesterfield County. It operated until 1955. Today several buildings remain from the school, including the Marshall House (located on the corner of Kershaw and Second Street, GW Long Presbyterian Church, the Administration Building (now a Freemason Lodge), and the library (now a private business on Second Street).