News Briefs:  Highland Industries donates PPE, Virtual Jazz, and Cheravians show their support!

Highland Industries, a staple in Cheraw for over 50 years, continues to give back to the community.  Today, Plant Manager Justin Willcox and other members of the Highland Industries staff presented 50 protective gowns to our Fire and Police Departments.  Mayor Andy Ingram, Chief Marvin Murray and Chief Keith Thomas were on hand to accept the donation.  These gowns will be put to good use protecting our first responders from COVID-19 so they can be there for you!  Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus, Highland Industries has received a standing order to produce enough fabric for 400,000 of these protective gowns every week!  In addition to the ones donated to our departments, Highland has donated 100 of these gowns to McLeod Health.  Each gown can be washed and used up to 50 times.  Thank you Highland for the donation and the capacity to help millions of people stay safe around the country!

Cheraw was truly fortunate to experience minimal damage during the dangerous storms that swept through the Southeast two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, not every community was as lucky.  Sudden disasters can overwhelm the resources available to smaller communities.  Even a downed tree can present a challenge to a community that has a one member cleanup crew.  This is the case with Morven, NC, which suffered tremendous damage from the storms.  Numerous trees and tons of debris were strewn around the Town.    Their smaller public works crew couldn’t handle the massive cleanup, so Cheraw Public Works sent David and Damian, along with a knuckleboom truck, to assist with cleanup for a day.  Cheraw is always ready to step up and help our neighbors in times of need. 

 Way to go guys! 


Did you know that April 30th is International Jazz Day?  With our strong Jazz Roots it is only natural that we have to celebrate in some way.  The Cheraw Arts Commission and ColaJazz are partnering up to present a virtual concert on Thursday, April 30th at 7PM and 8PM.  For more information head on over to the ColaJazz Website. Cola Jazz is an organization dedicated to promoting Jazz in South Carolina. ColaJazz is headed up by Mark Rapp, South Carolina’s Ambassador to Jazz and frequent performer in Cheraw.  We can't wait to host him again some day!

Cheravians continue to help those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Ricky Parker, owner of Parker’s Exterminating Company and owner of the Snak Shak, has been giving back to the frontline workers at McLeod Hospital in Cheraw.  Every Saturday he has been feeding the nurses and staff of McLeod for no recognition.  Everything from lasagna, to chicken bog, to baked spaghetti!  It is great to see residents donating their time and talents to help out others during this time.  

If you know someone who has contributed time, talent, or effort to those in need from the COVID-19 Pandemic, please share their story with us at