Cheravians Helping Others

Last week we sent an email sharing stories of Cheravians helping others during the COVID-19 outbreak. It has come to our attention that Cheravians are continuing to go above and beyond during this time of need and we wanted to share their stories with you.

First, we would like to extend an enormous thanks to the employees of Cheraw Public Works, Cheraw Parks and Grounds, the Cheraw Fire Department, and Cheraw Water/Sewer. As many of you experienced, severe weather touched much of the South on Sunday night and Monday morning. While Cheraw was spared the worst of the storm, power outages and downed trees were reported throughout the Town. The Cheraw Water Treatment Plant had to use its backup generator. Even though it was a Town holiday, our crews jumped into action on their day off. Many of them worked 12 hours or more to ensure residents experienced minimal interruptions in their daily life. We also want to give many thanks to the crews of Duke Energy for their work restoring power. The combined efforts of Town departments and Duke ensured you had power, running water, and access to roads. Our sincerest thanks go out to all those who worked hard to bring everything back online.

the crew - Copy

While Schaeffler group has had to adjust production to reflect changes in demand, you can't put the mind of an engineer to rest. Aman Bhave, Mechanical Design Engineer for the Special Machinery Group here in Cheraw, heard about the shortages of protective equipment and put his mind to work creating a solution. He has started manufacturing his own face shields to distribute to local hospital workers. Some of these masks have ended up as far away as Myrtle Beach and all help keep our hospital workers protected. Mr. Bhave is doing this on his own for the benefit of those in need! Thank you Aman!

picture of hospital workers in masks.

We want to give a special thanks to the fine folks at The River’s Edge restaurant.  In their spare time they have been making masks, free of charge, for those who need them most.  To date Cindy, Alexa, and Cassidy have made about 450 masks for local hospitals, nursing homes, and ordinary people in need of some extra protection.  Excellent work stepping up to help those in need! Residents Ashley Driggers and Marge Dodd have made well over 20 masks in their spare time for first responders in Marlboro County, members of their family, and members of their congregations.  From social distancing to making masks, to working in a hospital; we all can do our part to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Carolina Canners has also stepped up to address shortages of protective supplies. It turns out that 2- liter bottles can be retrofitted into perfectly sized face shields for hospital workers. Carolina Canners has donated over 1,000 2-liter bottles to several hospital systems in South Carolina to make the shields. Like the shields produced by Mr. Bhave, these masks are critical in protecting hospital workers from airborne particles. 

As a final note, last July the Town helped SCETV put together a video showcasing our beautiful home. Please take a minute to enjoy a few stories that make Cheraw “Our Town”, with a special thanks to SCETV for making the video.

Thank you to everyone who works hard to make Cheraw a wonderful place. Though we face challenges we have a beautiful Town filled with wonderful people. No one can accuse us of not doing our part to help those need! If you know of anyone who is going above and beyond to help those in need please share their story with us by emailing it to

Stay safe and stay healthy!