Cheraw Receives Grants For Airport Improvements

Grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission (SCAC) will allow the Town of Cheraw to complete parallel taxiway improvements at the Cheraw Municipal Airport.

The FAA recently announced it will extend a 90% Aviation Improvement Grant in the amount of $687,477, and the SCAC is preparing to approve a grant for $38,193 for the improvements which will include construction, lighting and marking of the final segment of the parallel taxiway to the runway. The Town is required to match $38,193 to complete the funding of the $763,863 project.

"I am very pleased Cheraw is the recipient of this grant," commented Cheraw Mayor Andy Ingram. "This is another phase in our airport improvement plan that will better serve our community and meet the demands of our airport. More of the community's local industrial and business executives depend on air travel, and these improvements will be another tool our town can use towards Cheraw's future economic development."