Downtown Post Office To Remain Open

After more than 17 months of negotiations, Cheraw mayor Andy Ingram received notification from US Postal Service officials April 10 of their plans to keep the Downtown Cheraw Post Office open.

"This decision is the result of hours of dialogue with many different individuals including Delores Shearin-Lyle, Greater South Carolina District Manager for the USPS, Senator Lindsey Graham, and several Cheraw citizens that have political connections," Mayor Ingram said. "This has been a top priority of our Town Council, and as a result of the collective effort of many groups, as well as being patient with the entire process, we are pleased with the end result."
"I would like to publicly thank Ms. Shearin-Lyle and her staff for coming to Cheraw to meet with us on our concerns and having an understanding and supporting our desires to keep our downtown post office," Ingram continued.

"Also, I must say Senator Graham deserves a lot of credit. He was involved in the process from the early stages of this effort, and the positive outcome probably would not have happened without the senator's diligence and commitment to the Town of Cheraw. Our local citizens also played a huge role in the process. Whether it was making personal contact to elected officials, responding to the postal survey, attendance at the public meetings or support at the Post Office Appreciation Day, I am deeply grateful for every one's contribution," Ingram said.

Cheraw resident and former mayor Charles Jackson said he credits Ingram for his hard work throughout this process. "The mayor hit the ground running, knocking on doors in Washington within days of his election," Jackson said. "Andy has worked diligently in getting this done, and without his leadership, I don't know if we would have had the same outcome."

In the letter notifying Ingram of the decision, Sherin-Lyle states "Therefore, our best choice at this time for the postal buildings in Cheraw is to maintain the status quo, using the Market Street facility for retail service, and continuing to provide delivery operations in the carrier annex on Calvary Road." In the letter, Sherin-Lyles also writes "... there is no "lifetime guarantee" for this decision. However, we are certain at this time that this is our best course of action for the Postal Service and for postal operations for the Town of Cheraw."