St. David's Cemetery Association Announces Major Donation

Board representatives of St. David’s Cemetery Association have announced a major award from the Town of Cheraw through the Town’s Hospitality Fund.  Mayor Andy Ingram presented the Association with a check in the amount of $75,000.  Earlier this year Mayor Ingram and the Town Council had committed to award the Association $25,000 for every $100,000 of pledges and donations that had been received toward the goal of $400,000 which represents the estimated cost of the project. 

The Association has purchased and intends to develop the last piece of property contiguous to old St. David’s Cemetery – a gateway into Cheraw and probably the most visited tourist attraction in Chesterfield County.  “At this point and with the Town’s award, we have raised more than $382,000 in pledges and actual donations toward the $400,000 needed to complete the project,” reported Jim Crawford, President of St. David’s Cemetery Association.  “We are extremely appreciative of the Town’s  donation which is the largest received from a single entity thus far.  Donations have been generous, not only from business and industry, but also from individuals who recognize the value of enhancing this gateway into Cheraw.  We hope to complete our fund-raising efforts and reach our goal within 30 days.” The development will complement upgrade improvements planned for the area.  A major expense of this development will be the underground storm water management system required by the Department of Health and Environmental Control. 

Individuals and commercial entities that make major donations have opportunities for sponsoring such items as the main entry gate panels, the main entry brick columns, entry gardens, other brick columns, fence sections, etc.  Sponsorship of all of the large shade trees have been committed. “Pledges may be spread over a three-year period through December 31, 2017, and we hope those who are interested in sponsorships will make their plans known soon,” added Crawford.

The old Cemetery dates back to 1768, well before the American Revolution.  It is much loved by many and critically important to the history of the Town of Cheraw.  In fact, soldiers of nearly all American wars are buried in the Cemetery, even some of the Scottish Highlanders who fought with the British.

It is planned that grading will begin soon if donations continue to come in at the current pace.  More information may be available through Jim Crawford (843-921-7734) or Bill Malloy (843-496-4915).  Contributions may be mailed to St. David’s Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 1196, Cheraw, SC 29520.  The Association is a 501(c)(13) non-profit corporation, and all Board members are volunteer.