Milestone Service Awards

The Town of Cheraw recently recognized 22 employees for milestone service anniversaries and their dedication during an awards banquet at Country Kitchen Restaurant on Thursday, December 17, 2015.

35 years of service:
Evelyn Mack

30 years of service:
Suzanne Cottingham, Scott Laney

20 years of service:
Kenny Grantham, Alan McLeod, James Tyner

15 years of service:
Donnell Ervin, Donna Byrd

10 years of service:
Robert Foster, Lindsay Bennett, Kenny Lewis, Robert Jones, Bruce Kimrey, John Yancey, Philip Dickson

5 years of service:
Councilman Billy Wallace, Jr., Carl Compton, Jackie Threadgill, Rick Smith, Alan Walker, Councilman Reid McBride, Kelly James