New Rules for Citizens Requesting Appearance Before Town Council

The following ordinance was passed on November 14, 2017.

An Ordinance Amending Section 2-16 of the Town Code of Ordinances
Concerning the Appearance of Citizens at Town Council Meetings

Any person is entitled to an appearance before council at any regular meeting concerning a municipal matter with the exception of personnel matters. To be placed on the council agenda a person will be required to adhere to the following:

  • Persons desiring to speak must notify the town clerk or town administrator by noon of the Friday before the regularly scheduled council meeting.
  • Persons must specify what topic they intend to speak about.
  • Persons will be limited to five minutes to address council. The Mayor or presiding officer may grant the speaker additional time if circumstances warrant it.
  • Persons that speak on other matters not specified will be deemed out of order and will not be allowed to continue speaking.
  • Mayor and council members have the right to answer questions that may be posed.
Persons not placed on the agenda will also have the right to speak at the end of the Town Council meetings during a citizen comment period. The citizen comment period is designed and intended to allow members of the public to provide information directly to the Town Council. Other than asking a question to clarify a statement council members will refrain from entering into a dialogue with the speaker. This time on the agenda is not intended to be a discussion between Town Council and the speaker and should not be intended for that purpose. Persons wishing to make comments during this time will need to observe the following:

  • Person should approach the podium and state their full name and address before addressing the Town Council.
  • All speakers must conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • All speakers will be limited to three minutes to speak. This time allotment may not be transferred to anyone else. The Town's Clerk/Treasurer will notify the speaker if they exceed their three minutes to talk.
  • Speakers will refrain from using: profanity; language likely to incite violence or outbursts from the audience; language that is disruptive to the orderly process of the meeting; engaging in conversations with individual council members; making comments of a personal nature regarding others; shouting, yelling, or screaming.
  • Speakers should understand that the Town Council cannot deliberate on any questions presented by the speaker if the question or topic is not posted on the agenda.
The minutes of past Town Council meetings are available to interested citizens.