Wesley United Methodist Church


Wesley United Methodist ChurchShown is Wesley United Methodist Church, the childhood church of famed jazz artist Dizzy Gillespie. Known then as Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church, the church was rebuilt in 1915. Dizzy's father was a band leader as well as a brick mason, and it is thought that he used his brick laying skills in the church's construction. It's obvious the young Dizzy practiced what was preached here. Each Sunday morning, from the time he was four years old until he left Cheraw at age 16 in 1933, Dizzy would wait for the arrival of one of the church's elderly parishioners and assist her in walking up the steps to the church. Dizzy said he would cut through one backyard and arrive at the church doors, since the family home was only one block away. For more about Cheraw's interesting past, take advantage of the Historic Cheraw Cell Phone Tour by calling 843.865.3002.