Public Input

Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2020 and Ending June 30, 2021
Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 5:30PM

  1. The Town of Cheraw is doing everything it can to provide citizens an opportunity to comment on the Town's proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2020 and ending on June 30, 2020.
  2. Town Council will be meeting at the Cheraw Town Hall on June 9, 2020 for the public hearing.  The hearing will be live streamed to the public through our YouTube Channel.  The livestream can be viewed by clicking here .  The Town has decided to move the meeting from the Community Center to Town Hall to provide better access to the public.  Multiple residents had tried to view the Council Meetings on our YouTube page but the acoustics in the Community Center are not conducive to conducting a public meeting.  As a result, the Town feels moving back to the courtroom will provide a better setting for citizens to hear what is being said.  
  3. Citizens may attend the public hearing but only 12 people will be allowed inside at one time due to Social Distancing requirements.  Town employees will be stationed at entrance points and will monitor the number of citizens allowed into the building.  If more than 12 people arrive then citizens will be asked to wait until citizens inside can make their comments.  Once their comments are heard they will be asked to leave so the next citizen may enter the building.
  4. Citizens wanting to attend the Town Council meeting and public hearing will be asked to wear a face covering and each citizen will be required to have their temperature taken before entering by a forehead thermometer.  
  5. Citizens can send in any comment on the proposed budget before the public hearing by using the form provided below.  Your comment will be read to Town Council during the public hearing.  In order to have your comment read before Town Council you must complete the entire form below; including your name and address.  This is to ensure that citizens and property owners in Cheraw are being heard.
  6. During the live stream Citizens can email their comments and questions using the same form below.  Citizens can also call in questions at 843-537-7283 and have their comments directly heard by Town Council.  Callers will have to identify themselves by name and address and will have no more than three minutes to make their comments.  Citizens who receive a busy signal or voicemail are asked to continue calling and will eventually be heard.
Click Here to Download the Proposed FY21 Budget

Thank you to everyone who participated in the budget process.   
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